• Connected and remote-controlled plug DiO Connect with remote control
  • Connected and remote-controlled plug DiO Connect with remote control

Connected plug with remote control - DiO Connect

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Control your lights and appliances the way you want.

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  • 54916
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In less than a minute, control your lights and electrical appliances without having to move around, using a remote control, a wireless switch, your smartphone and even your voice.

- Quick to install: Plug & Play solution
- Possibility to control a socket with 6 controls: remote control, switch and/or DiO sensor
- Schedule your socket activation and deactivation times with the smartphone
- Possibility to create a presence simulation via your smartphone whenever you are absent
- View remotely, on your smartphone, whether your socket is on or off
- 100% Compatible with the DiO 1.0 range
- 3-channel remote control
- No additional boxes or hubs are needed to control the smart socket with your free smartphone application

Power (W) 3000W
Type of plug FR
Ampereage (A) 13A
Degree of protection IP20
Use Indoor only
Type of control On/Off
Number of transmitters max. 6
Transmission range 50m
Remote control included Yes
Number of channels 3
Wireless protocol DiO 1.0
Radio frequency 433,92 MHz + 2,4GHz
Connectivity Wi-Fi 2,4GHz 802.11 b/g/n
Smartphone control Yes
Mobile app DiO one
Return of status Yes, via Wi-Fi
Time schedule unlimited via the app
Voice-controlled Yes, via Alexa and Google Home - Skill: One 4 all

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Quick and easy to install

If you want to improve your comfort without having to make any effort, the DiO Connect socket is the right solution for you. In less than a minute, you'll be able to control your electrical device or light, with the DiO control of your choice (remote control, switch or wireless sensor), via your smartphone and the free DiO one application or your voice via Google Home and Amazon Alexa speakers (use DiO's "All 4 One" skill).

No additional boxes or hubs are needed to control the smart socket with your smartphone.

Combining 433-MHz and Wi-Fi technologies

Significantly increase your comfort by controlling your light or electrical appliance without having to move, from your home or from anywhere in the world.

- Thanks to the 433-MHz radio frequency, the socket can always be controlled locally even in the event of a drop or bad Wi-Fi network. This allows you to put down your smartphone and switch on your light or device with the DiO control of your choice (remote control, wireless switch or wireless sensor). For added convenience, you can combine the DiO Connect socket with a darkness sensor with timer to automatically turn on the light after dark.

- Wi-Fi control means that in addition to controlling your electrical devices and lights locally, you can check from home or from another country/location whether your device has been left on, and turn it off if it has, via your smartphone and the free DiO one application. In the same way, during your absence, you can simulate a presence in order to increase security, by using your smartphone once again to program your light and radio to switch on automatically at a specific time.

- Its compatibility with Google Home and Amazon Alexa allows you to locally control your electrical appliances and light fixtures with just your voice and from your bed, and ask Google or Alexa (using DiO's "All 4 One" skill) to turn on or off your bathroom heater while waiting for the room to warm up.

Adjust your home automation installation to your daily life!

You can combine any DiO product with this socket, and thus adapt your home automation system to your needs and daily life. With your smartphone and free app, you can create and program life scenarios that will improve your days for good.

You're so tired that you are falling asleep in your chair. You want to take a little nap but the light in your living room is on, the shutters of your conservatory are open... Don't panic, don't move, just use your smartphone to close your shutters and turn off your lights, and then close your eyes.

Improve your comfort!

You finally have some time off work, you want to enjoy your holidays and getting up late. Just like that, you grab your smartphone, open your DiO one app and change the timer settings for your water heater, radio, coffee maker, and lighting to wake up gently the next morning or afternoon, depending on how much rest you need. It also works if you are simply off sick; the big advantage of a home automation system is that you can ask all your appliances and lights to switch on at the time you want.

And if you no longer have the strength to pick up your smartphone or DiO control, don't panic, you don't even have to move. Just ask Alexa or Google Home, and they will gladly take care of it.

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