DiO First Nano: two sockets + remote control

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To control your electrical appliances and lights wirelessly.

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  • 54896
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The DiO 1.0 nano socket is discreet and lets you control your lamps and electrical appliances wirelessly from your sofa.

- Function: On/Off
- Maximum power: 2300 W
- Maximum number of transmitters: up to 32 controls
- Radio protocol: DiO 1.0 (433 MHz)
- Transmission range: 50 m (free field)
- Socket Type : SCH
- Remote control: 2 channels + 1 group

Degree of protection IP20
Type of plug SCH
Type of supply Battery(s)
Type of control On/Off
Wireless protocol DiO 1.0
Radio frequency 433,92 MHz by DiO
Transmission range 50m
Remote control included Yes
Number of transmitters max. 32
Smartphone control No