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Travel adaptor - World to World

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Power all your devices in more than 120 countries!

  • Q2P94455
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  • Q2P94455
 In stock

Plug all your electrical appliances into other types of outlet when you are abroad.

- 3-pin adapter with earth
- Suitable for grounded and ungrounded plugs and 2.1-A USB charger
Standard plug F: Safe power supply for all their two- and three-pin plug devices in Europe and in all Schuko standard countries.
- Input voltage: 100 V - 250 V
- Max. load: 10 A
- Rated power: 100 V - 1000 W/250 V - 2500 W
- Certified safety (IEC 60884, LVD EN 60950)
- Compatible countries: Australia, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Brazil, United States, Italy

Warranty 2 years
Use Indoor only
Switch Non
Power (W) 1000W
Voltage 100-240V
Ampereage (A) 10A