Mini-module for roller shutter
  • Mini-module for roller shutter
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Microreceiver for shutters

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Control your roller shutters remotely, without going anywhere.

  • EMV-400M
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  • EMV-400M
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This micro receiver is ideal for controlling your shutters remotely without doing any wiring.

- Operate your roller shutters without having to move, individually or centrally.
- Control via smartphone/tablet + creation of life scenarios: Box DiOHome+ or EGW-lite
- Power supply: 230 V AC, 50 Hz
- Status feedback lets you know if your shutter is closed or open, through your smartphone
- Signal repeater - to extend the range
- Ability to offset the pairing button on the DiO 2.0 switch
- Radio protocol: DiO 2.0 (868 MHz)
- Transmission range: 150 m (in free field)

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Quick and easy installation

This roller shutter module allows you to control it remotely, from home or from anywhere in the world via your smartphone or tablet. To do this, you must associate it with the DiOHome+ box and create life scenarios according to your needs: opening your shutters when you wake up or closing them automatically according to the room temperature.

One of the smallest on the market, it can be easily concealed in a flush-mounted box and control all your shutters individually, centrally or automatically.

Adapt to your needs

This micromodule for shutters allows you to improve the insulation of your home and at the same time save energy and money by simply creating a scenario that automatically closes your shutters according to the room temperature, thanks to a temperature sensor.

You can also increase the security of your home by combining the shutter module with an outdoor motion detector so that when it detects something suspicious, your shutters will close.

Remote control of your roller shutter

Connect the module to the DiOHome+ unit, and using your smartphone, you can automate your shutters and program life scenarios, for example to open all your shutters at a certain time.

Or if you are hesitating, you can simply check via the application whether you have actually closed your shutters and close them if not, from your desk.