Dimmer transmitter/receiver micro-module
  • Dimmer transmitter/receiver micro-module
  • Dimmer transmitter/receiver micro-module

Micro dimmer receiver - without Neutral


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Vary the brightness of your lighting according to your needs.
  • EMSD-300A
  • EMSD-300A
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The EMSD-300A silent radio micromodule can be placed in the flush-mounted box or in false ceilings and can also be connected to your existing switches.

- Silent two-way micromodule
- Installation on existing switch
- On/Off/Dimmer control
- Timer 15 min - 60 min
- Compatible with all types of lighting
- Controls the brightness of dimmable lights.
- Output fed through the load
- Storage of the last selected light intensity
- Gradual switch-on and switch-off function of the lighting system
- Range (free field): 100 m
- Installation on existing switch without neutral supply
- 3 pre-wired wires
- Power supply: 230 V 50/60 Hz
- Not compatible with all dimmable LEDs

Easy to install

This model is only for your switches that do not have a Neutral. Small and quiet, it can be easily installed in the flush-mounted box or in false ceilings, it can be quickly associated with transmitters, and has an input to connect to your existing switches. It allows on/off control of all types of lighting. You can also control the brightness of your dimmable lights. It remembers the last brightness level you chose.

Adapt your lighting to your needs

With this flush-mounted lighting module, you can control your lights remotely – no wiring necessary. And manage the brightness of your lighting, but also switch your lamp on or off remotely.

By connecting your module to the DiOHome+ box, you will be able to use your smartphone or tablet to control your lighting, and thus use it individually or in groups, program timers or create living scenarios, so that your light switches on once the natural outdoor lighting starts to fade (requires the micromodule to be connected to a brightness sensor).