4-channel remote control - 868 MHz
  • 4-channel remote control - 868 MHz

4-channel remote control


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Stylish 4-button remote control
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The e-Trendy 4-channel mini remote control is simple, rugged and designed to please. It connects easily to DiO 2.0 receivers and transmitters and can control your lights, electrical appliances, doors, etc.

- Channels : 4
- Functions: On/Off and dimmables
- Compatibility: motors, shutters, gates, garage doors, etc.
- Frequency: 868.3 MHz
- Battery: 3 V DC - Lithium CR2032
- Free-field range: 100 M
- Operating temperature: -10°C +50°C
- Dimensions: 52x28x12 mm
- Use: Interior
- Battery life: 3 years
Warranty 2 years
Colour Black
Connection Wireless
Protection rating IP20
Power supply type Battery/ies
Use Inside only
Type of solution Transmitter
Type of control On/Off + Dimmer
Max number of transmitters 32
Transmission range 150 m
Remote-control included Yes
Battery 1 - Number 1
Battery 1 - Supplied Included
Lifespan (normal use) 3 years
Low battery indicator Non
Radio protocol edisio
Radio frequency 868 MHz
Status feedback No
Signal repeater (meshing) No
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Small size

In addition to being easily transportable, the e-Trendy 4-channel mini remote control is rugged and stylish. You can easily put it in your pocket or in a handbag without any inconvenience, and open your gate or garage door without getting out of the car.

The main benefit of Edisio products is their long free-field radio transmission range of up to 150 m, so they can operate throughout the house.

Connects easily to all types of receiver

This mini remote control can be quickly combined with other lighting, heating or shutter modules. However, the remote control communicates on 868.3 MHz, which implies in common parlance that DiO 1.0 products that operate on 433 MHz will not be receptive to the remote control.

To reassure yourself, you don't have to redo your entire home automation installation. Simply add the DiOHome+ box, which will serve as an "adapter" between the two frequencies so that they can communicate and therefore work.

Adapt to your needs!

You can do many things with this mini remote control to meet your needs as much as possible.

Example situation: You are in your car in front of your garage door, in heavy rain, and unfortunately you have to get out to open the door. If you had installed and linked the door module to your remote control, you could have stayed dry and opened the garage with a single click.