Video surveillance systems are now accessible to everyone. Whether you need to supervise your children, perform alarm verification, or monitor your home or business from every angle, video surveillance is now a common part of everyday life for business owners, parents, and even students. In response to the specific needs of all different people, Chacon offers a complete range of video protection solutions: wired or wireless, WiFi or not connected, dummy cameras, professional solutions, etc. Our various technologies cover all your needs to guarantee optimum security for your home or business.

Keep an eye on your home, at any time and from anywhere

Thanks to smart WiFi cameras, you can watch your house from your smartphone, whether you are at the office or vacationing on the other side of the world. Does your child go home from school alone? Check from your office; it just takes a second to confirm that he or she has arrived home and is doing homework. Has your alarm been triggered when you are away from home? Start recording and see what's happening at home in real time.

Our IP cameras

Protection even for very tight budgets

Thanks to the Dummy range, you can very easily and cheaply protect the perimeter of your house with dummy cameras. Dome camera in your entrance hall, outside camera in the alley, or indoor camera in the living room...a burglar will feel watched and will go away before even trying to break into your house. CTA: Our dummy cameras

Our dummy cameras

Professional monitoring at DIY prices

As a video protection specialist of many years’ standing, Chacon also offers a complete range of video surveillance systems for professionals: wired systems, recording on hard disk, remote access, quad vision, etc. Discover all of our professional options for optimum surveillance and protection of your offices and/or businesses. CTA: Our video surveillance systems

Our video surveillance systems