Protect your family and your home with Chacon

home alarms Our Chacon alarm solutions offer a complete system to deal with burglaries, intrusions, and assistance to seniors. Whether it's a local solution or a solution connected via smartphone, all of our solutions are 100% wireless, are therefore very easy to install, and are accessible to everyone.

Secure your home, at any time and from anywhere

Thanks to Chacon smart alarms, you can easily access and manage your system remotely, from your office or even your holiday location. In addition to activating and deactivating devices remotely, you can be notified in case of an alert and perform alarm verification using the cameras.

Protect your home with a complete home alarm system

The systems are upgradeable, so start with a pack and then add to your installation to suit your home: motion detectors, intrusion detectors, keypad, badges, remote controls, etc.