As a power strip specialist for more than 40 years, Chacon is the flagship European brand in this field. From the standard power strip for your additional lighting to the designer power strip in your living room or office, and including many power strips with innovative functionality, Chacon has transformed its electrical extension product offering over the years.

Charge your USB devices anywhere in your house

These days we all have many devices that need regular charging via USB: tablet, smartphone, connected watch, etc. This affects the whole family! To facilitate your access to charging, Chacon offers a wide range of power strips with USB ports.

Our power strips with USB ports

The all-purpose power strip

The power strip is used, for different purposes, in every room of the house. In the Chacon product range, you will find a power strip to suit each room: - Clamping unit for your workshop - Desk unit or PowerCube for quick access to outlets without taking up too much space - Watertight unit for your garden tools - ...

Our specialist power strips

Protect your multimedia devices

Thanks to the surge protection available on some of our power strip models, you can protect your multimedia devices, thereby extending their working life. This protection is essential for all of your devices, such as: television set, disk drives, HiFi equipment, etc.

Our power strips with surge protection

Finally, a stylish power strip that looks good

In addition to technical protection, Chacon extensions feature an innovative, clean and simple design that is attractive enough to be seen in your interior. You no longer need to hide the power strip behind your furniture. It is now worthy of being seen and forms an integral part of your installation. Moreover, thanks to the cord located on the opposite side from the switch or the cable tidy system, you no longer have cumbersome cables around your extension lead. The cord can be discreetly placed behind or alongside your furniture, whilst the power strip remains accessible. And its switch on the base, located on the correct side, lets you switch it on and off easily.

Our designer power strips

Smart power strips

Chacon has been a connected device specialist for many years, and also offers WiFi connected power strips. Avoid unnecessary stand-by consumption with easy programming of on and off times for your devices from your smartphone. Limit your children's use of game consoles or the television by setting up a countdown timer, in just a few easy clicks. Or protect your home by simulating a presence during your holidays.

Our WiFi power strip