Control your lights, with connected lighting Control your lights, with smart lighting The principle of connected lighting is based on the remote, centralised, or automatic management of your light via a remote control, switch, or app. It increases your comfort whilst enjoyably creating different moods or scenarios according to the situation or time of day.


One of the main advantages of connected lighting and home automation generally is that they help you make significant savings on your electricity bill. Who hasn't sometimes rushed out in the morning and forgotten to switch off the light? You can now check remotely to see if your lights are on or off, and manage their operation with a single click. You can also control all your lights centrally by pressing a button to switch everything off. Finally, by automating the lighting of certain rooms, you save energy, because the light goes off if no presence is detected.

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The light is the central point of the connected home. Thanks to home automation, you can manage your lamps according to your needs and your activity. For example, the lighting in a hallway can switch on only when you walk through. To increase your security during holidays or trips, the control and personalised scenario programming system lets you simulate your presence or control certain devices you might have forgotten about.

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By creating mood scenarios, you adapt the environment in the room to the specific situation with a single command. For example, you can enable the “dinner with friends” function to create a welcoming, celebratory atmosphere. You can also program your lights to go on at a certain time and at a certain brightness, as an alarm clock, for example. You can create other model moods in this way, according to your habits.

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There are various control devices to manage your smart lighting, with different levels of sophistication and different prices. There is quite a widespread belief that home automation and the connected home are only for people in a certain income bracket. This idea, however, is not well founded. Because we believe that comfort and security should be available to everyone, we have a wide range of devices to manage your lighting that we designed especially to provide the best possible value for money.

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