Gestion de chauffage


By programming your heating according to when you are at home, you can save up to 25%*! Even better: roomwise or zonewise heating management saves you up to 8%* more per room. Finally, who hasn't forgotten at some point to turn the heating down or off before leaving in the morning or, even worse, before going away on holiday? With DiO, you can now check your heating system remotely to see if it's on or off, check the temperature in each room of the house, and decide on its operation with just one click. You can also control your heating automatically just by pressing a button located near your front door, for example. This will very quickly bring your heating bills down. * Source: ADEME France


Thanks to the DiO solution, you can program or adjust your timer programming very easily in accordance with your habits, directly from your smartphone, in just a few minutes, thanks to simple, guided steps. Programming your thermostat can be complicated and frustrating... With DiO, the temperature of your house is adjusted automatically according to your wake-up time, when you go out and return home, your bedtime, etc... and it's very simple! Look below to watch a step-by-step video explaining how to create or manage your thermostat directly via the DiO Home mobile app.


With your smart heating, you can adjust the temperature in your room or house with just one click, according to your needs and what you are doing at the time. Properly managed, easily adjustable heating is essential for a comfortable home. For example: You are going on holiday and you want to optimise the management of your heating? Activate Holiday Mode for your house to be heated only as much as strictly necessary during your absence and to return automatically to Comfort Mode the day you arrive home. You child is ill and going home from school early? Adjust the temperature of your house remotely to come home to a comfortably heated home. Are you stuck in a meeting at the office and don't want your house to be heated unnecessarily? You can set your heating mode and delay its start time at a single stroke. Are you on your way to your holiday home and the weather is cold? Before setting out, activate the heating remotely so that, by the time you arrive, it will be as warm as if you had already been there for hours.