Wireless Wi-Fi alarm system


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Secure your home with ease, wherever you are, via your smartphone.
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  • 34949
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To protect your home and your loved ones with our easy to install and use wireless smoke alarms.

- Compact sleek design, easy to use.
- Wireless Wi-Fi alarm system
- Sends a notification in the event of an intrusion.
- Possibility of adding up to 40 accessories
- Control your home with your smartphone via the free "AW1" application, available on iOS and Android.
- Backup battery for 60 hours of autonomous operation included
- Transmission range: 80 m
- Operating temperature: -10° and 55°
- Delivered with 2 remote controls, 2 door/window opening detectors, 1 special motion detector for animals <20 Kg

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Ideal for the protection of your home or office.

Wherever you are in the world, you can manage and interact with your alarm system thanks to the free mobile application on iOS or Android.

Complete your system with up to 40 accessories, for even better protection.

Be notified at any time via Wi-Fi.

Connected to your modem via Wi-Fi, the main unit will notify you and up to four of your loved ones directly on your GSM.

Easy and quick to install

Its secure wireless technology offers you an easy installation in just a few minutes, while the main unit’s built-in battery protects your home and loved ones under any circumstance, even in case of power failure.