Set of 2 mini intrusion alarms and entry alarms


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Secure your home against theft.

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  • 34042
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Easy to install and use. These mini-alarms are ideal for protecting various accesses: windows, doors, cupboards, stores, etc.

- Volume (decibels): 105 dB
- Indoor use
- Switch
- Colour: White
- Battery supplied
- Activation/deactivation with lateral cursor.

Manuels d'utilisation

Quick and easy installation

Protect your home quickly, easily and inexpensively with these mini door and window alarms. You can position them on your front door, a window or even inside your house, by installing them on a cupboard door, on a drawer, etc, using the double-sided adhesive strips provided.

The two parts of the alarm must be a maximum of 13 mm apart to be able to operate.

Reinforced security

These mini-alarms can considerably secure your home. In less than 5 minutes, you and your entourage would be immediately protected against possible intrusions.

As soon as someone moves one of the two parts away from the other by opening your door or window, you will be immediately warned by a sound from the box.