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  • Categories: Fabric cables with socket and switch
  • Categories: PVC cables
Black fabric cable with switch, - 2 m

Make amazing pendant lamps out of practically nothing.

Fabric cords with switch 2 m - Grey

Add a touch of originality to your hanging light with this fabric cord with switch.

Fabric cable with switch 2 m - Brown

Add a vintage touch to your pendant light, while remaining elegant thanks to this textile cord with switch.

Twisted fabric cord with switch 2 m - Gold

Switch your pendant light on and off easily with the integrated switch.

Fabric cable with switch, 2 m - Peacock blue

Add a touch of colour to your pendant light with this fabric cable with switch.

Electrical cable 1.5 m - white

Thanks to our power supply leads and cables, connect your lighting devices or electrical devices.

White cable - 3 m

Don't throw away your device, give it a second chance by changing its power cord.

White cable 3 m

Easily replace the damaged cord on your device.

Black cable - 2 m

Revive your electronic devices by changing their damaged cords

Black cable - 3 m

Quickly change the damaged cord on your device.