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E27 black metal lamp holder

Choose a metal lamp holder for a vintage style...

E27 silicone lamp holder

Give your interior a modern and elegant style...

Metal lamp holder - Matt

This matt metallic lamp holder adds a touch of elegance and modernity to your personalised pendant light.

Metal lamp holder - Silver

Opt for vintage lighting with our metal lamp holders.

Metal lamp holder - Gold

Add the finishing touch to your custom pendant light.

Ceramic lamp holder - Grey

An original lamp holder to enhance your lighting.

E27 ceramic lamp holder

Create your own lamp with this ceramic lamp holder and its elegant, vintage design!

Ceramic lamp holder - White

Create an original pendant lamp with a ceramic lamp holder with an elegant, vintage design.

E27 wooden and metal lamp holder

Mix materials and give your pendant lights a modern touch.

Bi-material wood/metal lamp holder, black

This bi-material lamp holder will bring modernity and elegance to your pendant lights.