Edisio Smart Home is a Belgian brand, manufacturer of wireless automation equipment specializing in the connected home. The products allow you to control your lighting, opening, ventilation, heating or even air conditioning, individually or simultaneously.

Edisio products are more intended for professionals, with the aim of facilitating the construction or renovation of buildings. However, we always try to offer a solution that remains accessible to everyone, without requiring assistance, a computer or tools.

Discover now an infinitely scalable and modular installation: a range of designer and wireless switches, associated with receivers that will transport you to the smart home of tomorrow!

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Dimmer microreceiver - with Neutral
Vary the brightness of your lighting according to your needs.
Switchplate - White 1 button - Diamond
A white wireless switch with a sleek, modern design. Must be associated with a switch base.
Switchplate - White 3 buttons - Diamond
A stylish, white, modern wireless switch. Must be associated with a switch base.
8,5-A On/Off lighting minimodule

Control your lighting with a remote control or via smartphone from your existing switch.

Microreceiver for shutters

Control your roller shutters remotely, without going anywhere.

Multifunction dimmer receiver
Control the brightness of your entire home with this Din Rail dimmer receiver. Not suitable for all LEDs.
On/Off/Pulse Receiver - 10 A
Control all your heavy automation remotely via a remote control, wireless switch or your smartphone.