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€75.99 €49.99
Professional reel - 40 m

Use professional equipment, for an optimal quality of work.

€69.99 €44.99
Automatic reel - 13 m + 2 m

Winds up automatically after use.

Cable storage boxes - Black (small)

In a few seconds, go from "messy" to "clean and tidy"!

Power strip + USB - 1.5 m

With this stylish and functional power strip, connect your electrical appliances and lights, while charging your smartphones and tablets directly via USB cable.

€55.40 €39.99
Worksite reel - 25 m
Treat yourself to professional-quality equipment, to work in complete safety.
Power strip 3 x 16 A - 1.5 m - White/Red

Colourful and stylish, this power strip will bring joy and colour to your interior.

DIY reel - 40 m

With this reel, you can do whatever you want without disturbing those around you.

Cable reel, 10 m - cassette (SCH)

Vacuuming has never been so easy; no more need to keep unplugging your vacuum cleaner and then plug it in again in each new room.

Garden reel - 25 m

Ideal for quickly bringing a power supply into your garden.