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Garden reel - 40 m
Bring a power supply into your garden quickly.
Decorative semi-circular cable duct 30/15 mm - 2 m - Black
With these decorative ducts, carefully hide your cables along skirting boards or walls.
Professional reel - 25 m
Work safely and with peace of mind, thanks to this professional quality reel.
Digital multimeter
Check the voltage of the electrical outlet before plugging in your device.
Home reel, 4 sockets, 10 m

Connect multiple devices at the same time and anywhere in your home.

Stylish terminal block 2 x 16 A ivory
Double up your sockets to plug in even more small electrical devices and lights.
Spiral clip - White
Camouflage all your cables inside this spiral clip.
Decorative semi-circular cable duct 50/25 mm - 2 m - White
With these decorative ducts, you can carefully hide your large cables along skirting boards or walls.
Cable reel, 15 m - cassette

Simplify your daily life with this ergonomic cassette reel.

Adhesive cable clips - White (6 pcs)
Don't leave your cables lying around and hang them up easily with these adhesive clips.
Professional reel - 40 m
Use professional equipment, for an optimal quality of work.