Connected doorbell with photo capture and wireless chime

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A 100% wireless connected intercom to welcome visitors from anywhere.

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Answer your visitors from your smartphone wherever you are.

- Receive an HD photo notification of the person present at your door with whom you can talk to 
- Compatible with DiO 1.0 products, you can add a strike receiver or a dry-contact receiver to open your door, gate, etc.
- Or automate your entrance lighting and simulate a presence by connecting a DiO socket, a lighting module or a DiO connected bulb
- 100% wireless installation
- Compatible with the DIOVDP-SC01 screen.

Degree of protection IP54
Battery 1 - Type AA 1,5V
Battery 1 - Number 6
Battery 1 - Provided Not included
Connectivity Wi-Fi 2,4GHz 802.11 b/g/n
Radio frequency 433,92 MHz by DiO
Mobile app DiO one
Number of melodies 5
Size Outdoor unit 65x35x125 mm
Content 1 intercom connected outside + 1 doorbell on battery inside


DIOBELL is the first 100% wireless connected doorbell available on the market offering you the possibility to answer your visitors from your smartphone or your indoor monitor. Easy to use and install, both units are powered by batteries (6 x AA). 

In only a few minutes this doorbell is installed, no need to touch your electrical panel or even cables. As soon as it is configured and connected, you can place it wherever you want. For example, in front of your front door or at your gate.                              

In addition to interacting with the people ringing your doorbell from your smartphone, you are alerted through an HD photo notification of the presence of a person during your absence. This camera also takes a picture of each visitor. Image backup and visit history are available from the application and can be deleted with a single click. 


With this connected doorbell, you can create your comfort quickly and easily. 100% compatible with the entire DiO range, you can compose your system yourself and upgrade it according to your needs. For example, associate your DIOBELL doorbell with a door/gate opening module. In this way, in addition to interacting with the people ringing your doorbell, you will be able to remotely open the door for the delivery man or even open it for your children if they forget their keys. 

The DiO One application is available free of charge from the Apple Store and Google Play Store. It allows you to control all the products of the DIO 1.0 range such as cameras, DiO Connect sockets, modules for your shutters or lights. Your whole house becomes controllable from this application.