Stylish white doorbell - wireless and battery-free doorbell


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Don't bother with batteries anymore... Once installed, your doorbell takes care of the rest.
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  • 84179
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No more need to change the battery for your chime.

- Easy installation: anyone can do it, no wiring required
- Kinetic technology: self-powered button, no need for batteries
- Six chime volume settings (up to 85 dB)
- Frequency: 433.92 MHz
- Tunes: 36
- Transmission range: 100 m (free field)
- Weatherproof button (IP44)
- Plug-in doorbell: 100/240 V(ac), 50-60 Hz
Warranty 2 years
Colour White
Connection Wireless
Power supply type Mains
Use Inside only
Transmission range 100 m
Radio frequency 433.92 MHz
Adjustable volume Yes
No. of melodies 36

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No battery necessary, ecological, and economical

A wireless doorbell is very practical, but can quickly prove to be energy-consuming and cause you to miss visitors because the battery is too weak to send the signal needed for it to work properly...

Chacon uses an innovative self-powered button that generates the energy it needs by itself each time it is pressed to send a signal to your door bell, without any internal wiring.

Installed in just a few minutes

Using 433 MHz radiofrequency technology, this Chacon bell can be easily installed by anyone, without wiring.

First, stick the wireless button on the outside, near your front door. Then simply plug the chime into a wall outlet inside your home. Both communicate wirelessly and offer a large free-field transmission range of 100 m.