Connected wireless photo and audio doorbell

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View and chat with your visitors from anywhere via your Dio one app!

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- When someone rings the doorbell, a notification and a call request will be sent to your smartphone.
- Two-way audio call
- Internal chime with flash, 58 melodies and 4 sound levels.   
- Range between chime and external button: 150 m
- Picture quality: 640x 480p
- Name tag sticker included
- Rechargeable battery included: 2x18650, 2400mAh
- 100% compatible with the DiO range
- WIFI: 2.4G IEEE802.11b/g/n support

Degree of protection IP65
Type of supply AC110-240V
Battery 1 - Type 2*18650, 2400mAh
Radio frequency 433,92 MHz by DiO
Mobile app DiO one
Resolution 640x480
Night Vision Yes
Angle of detection 90°
Adjustable volume 25 - 85 dB
Number of melodies 58
Flash Yes



An undelivered parcel, the passage of the deliveryman missed... We all already knew this feeling of disappointment of not received the awaited package... Thanks to our Diobell-B12, no more surprises! You won't miss any more visits. Once the person rings your doorbell, you will receive a photo notification as well as an incoming call through the App to inform him/her that he/she can, for example, leave the parcel in the carport, in front of the garage or simply at your neighbour.


You are concentrating on your new cake recipe when the doorbell rings. Someone is waiting for you on your doorstep. You notice too late that they are salesmen offering you new products, services... Well, that would be a good thing to avoid, no? With our product, you not only get to see who is ringing your doorbell. But also the luxury of opening the door only to the people that you want.


Designing your own home automation system according to your requirements can be possible! Thanks to our DiO range, you will be able to associate all products you want on a single application with a simple click. With this wireless doorbell, you could, for example, pair the chime with another, and install them in different rooms. So if you're in your kitchen, bedroom or bathroom, you can still hear them ringing. Or add an outdoor Wi-Fi camera and see if your visit is not hiding another one.  

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