Mini plug-in wireless doorbell - 300m

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No need for batteries, a simple plug and your doorbell will be operational.

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  • 84164
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Easily install or replace your doorbell with this wireless doorbell.

- Plug-in installation 220-240V, 50/60Hz
- Always be warned with the bright LED flash
- Add up to 2 push buttons per chime
- Choice of 36 melodies
- Transmission distance: 300m (free field)
- Adjustable sound level: 80dB
- Frequency: 433.92 MHz
- Waterproof push button: IP44
- Dimension: 110 x 110 x 79,5mm
- Push button size: 32 x 80 x 17.5mm

Warranty 2 years
Degree of protection IP44
Color White
Type of supply Plug/Battery(s)
Battery 1 - Type CR2032 3V
Battery 1 - Number 1
Battery 1 - Provided Included
Adjustable volume Yes
Number of melodies 36
Flash Yes


With flashing LED

Are you worried that you won't hear the chime if someone rings your doorbell? Thanks to its flashing LED light, you won't miss any visitors! It's not music in your ears, a hoover on the way or your hearing problems that will prevent you from seeing that someone is waiting for you at your door. 

Adapt to your needs!

Did you know that you can add a second push button to this chime? This way, if you have two different entrances, you can install your two push buttons in different places and not miss any more visits.

Long transmission range

Have you ever installed your new doorbell and then been forced to admit that the distance between the two devices was too great for them to communicate, resulting in a product return? With our model, no more surprises! Here, thanks to its long range of 300m in free field, you will have free choice of the distance between your push button and your chime. The chime will ring every time a person presses the push button and not every other time, due to a bad connection.

Compact and elegant design

In addition to being easy to install, the design is different from what is currently available on the market. Small and compact with rounded edges, it will blend more easily with your home without you having to think too much about where to install it.