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Snake Wi-Fi 3 x 16 A + 2 USB - 1.5 m power strip (SCH)

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A stylish, modern block with Wi-Fi function, to control your devices and lights.

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  • 46360
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The smart Snake power strip adapts to all types of corner, since it can bend like a snake. You can also control the devices connected to it thanks to its Wi-Fi feature, for example by programming life scenarios according to your needs.

- Flat plug for easy installation behind furniture
- Three 16-A 250-V sockets + two USB 2.1-A
- Schuko version
- Power: 3680 W
- Childproof
- Cable: 1.5 m 3G 1.0 mm2
- Guarantee: 2 years

Warranty 2 years
Use Indoor only
Color White
Type of plug SCH
Number of plugs 3x16A
Switch 1x
USB 2x
Destocking Destocking

Ergonomic and flexible

Thanks to its modular body, the smart and flexible power strip fits in with the location where it is placed, helping you to optimise the space. You can wind it around your table leg or place it in a corner or behind a piece of furniture thanks to its flat plug.

Control your devices remotely

Through a simple Wi-Fi connection, the intelligent power strip remotely controls the devices that are connected to it, creating different scenarios.

For example, you can program a "morning" scenario, so that each of your devices turns on at a different time. The alarm clock, then the lamp and so on...

Control your energy consumption

This smart accessory makes things more convenient while reducing the size of your electricity bill.
By using the Wi-Fi power strip, you can make significant savings in energy consumption. It provides remote management of the devices connected to the block. You can also schedule when to turn off a device or a lamp automatically after a set time, using the countdown function. This stops you consuming energy unnecessarily when you are not using them. It is particularly useful for multimedia devices in standby mode or for supplementary heating, for example.

Mobile app

Using the mobile app, you can set up and program different scenarios. For example, you can schedule your radiator and your radio to come on when you wake up so that your room is nice and warm and you can enjoy your favourite tunes to start to the day.