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Power strip 5 x 16 A no cable - White (SCH)

Easy to install and use, it limits the space required for wiring sockets.

Stylish terminal block 2 x 16 A - Black

This stylish terminal block will blend in perfectly with your interior design.

Power strip 3 x 16 A - 3 m - Black (SCH)

In a few seconds, effortlessly increase your number of sockets.

Power strip 3 x 16 A - 1.5 m - White (SCH)

Connect your electrical appliances and lights to just one outlet easily, thanks to this power strip.

On/off socket - Easy Switch

Save money every day without the hassle of a power strip.

Power strip without cable 3 x 16 A - Black

Make your power strip an original and stylish object by adding a cord in the colour of your choice.

Power strip 3 x 16 A - 3 m - White (SCH)

Increase your number of sockets in no time at all and effortlessly.

White terminal block 3 x 16 A (SCH)

To plug in even more electrical appliances and lighting fixtures.

Power strip without cable - White

With this cordless power strip, customize your power strip to your taste by adding the cable of your choice (length, texture, colours...).

Flush-mounted socket + 2 USB

One socket, 3 connections and one location, to connect the whole family.

Power strip 3 x 16 A - 5 m - White

Thanks to its 5 m cable, plug your power strip in wherever you want without the risk of being limited by distance.

Power strip 3 x 16 A - 3 m - White

Increase your number of sockets in no time with this power strip.

Power strip 3 x 16 A with switch - 3 m - White (SCH)

Don't leave your appliances and lights on standby any longer; turn them off all at once in just a second, with a simple gesture.