Motion sensor with switch

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Activate or deactivate your motion detector as you wish using the integrated switch.

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  • 34310
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Save money with this motion detector with integrated switch.

- Indoor use
- Voltage: 230 V (AC) 50 Hz
- Power: 500 watts max, incandescent lamp.
- Detection angle: 120°
- Detection range: up to 8 m
- Duration: adjustable between 10 seconds and 4 minutes
- Brightness control: adjustable from daylight to total darkness.
- Essential to connect to neutral
- Compatible with Led

Warranty 2 years
Use Indoor only
Color White
Timer 10 sec / 4 min
Type of detection Movement
Angle of detection 120°
Lux 3-2000

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By connecting your lighting with this motion detector, your light will automatically turn on when you pass by, and then turn off by itself after an adjustable period of time.

Save money

With a simple motion detector connected to your lighting, the cost of the energy value is already significantly reduced. If you want to save even more, this is the model for you. Thanks to the integrated switch, you can deactivate the sensor during the hours of absence, work or night.