Weather station with wireless exterior sensor

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Be informed of the outdoor and indoor temperature in real time.

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  • 54416
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View the weather forecast and the indoor and outdoor temperatures with this weather station with its simple and elegant design.

- Built-in calendar
- Built-in alarm
- Indoor temperature: range from 0 to 50°C
- Indoor humidity: 20 to 95% detection range
- Outdoor temperature: range -20 to 60°C
- Outdoor humidity: 20 to 95% detection range
- Four weather forecasts: sunny, slightly cloudy, cloudy and rainy.
- Moon phase

Warranty 2 years
Use Indoor or Outdoor
Color Black
Battery 1 - Type AAA 1,5V
Battery 1 - Number 2
Battery 1 - Provided Not included
Battery 2 - Type AAA 1,5V
Battery 2 - Number 2
Battery 2 - Provided Not included

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Real time weather

A weather station can be used on a daily basis to know how to dress, plan activities or simply know when to water your garden.

Thanks to the sensor placed outside your home, your weather station measures weather-related information.


By placing the sensor outside your home, your weather station will immediately tell you the weather outside, as well as the humidity outside and inside. 

The advantage of being wireless is that you hardly have to do anything, everything is done automatically.