Wireless and connected two-way switch kit

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Control your lights the way you want.

  • REV-KIT-02
 In stock
  • REV-KIT-02
 In stock

Easily control your lights without moving around using a remote control, a wireless switch, your smartphone, or your voice.

- Quick to install: Plug & Play solution
- Schedule your connected switch activation and deactivation times with the smartphone
- Possibility to create a presence simulation
- View remotely, whether your light switch is on or off
- 100% Compatible with the DiO 1.0 range
- No additional boxes or hubs required

Power (W) 200W
Connection Wired, 2 wires
Type of control On/Off
Connectivity Wi-Fi 2,4GHz 802.11 b/g/n
Wireless protocol DiO 1.0
Radio frequency
Transmission range 50m
Number of transmitters max. 6
Time schedule
Voice-controlled Yes, via Alexa and Google Home - Skill: One 4 all
Smartphone control Yes
Mobile app DiO one


Go on vacation with peace of mind 

With the free DiO One application, you can control your lamps from your couch, at the office or even during your vacation. For example, have you ever left home in a hurry and had a doubt about one of your lamps? Did I leave a lamp on or not? You can check on your smartphone if this is the case, and in one click turn off your lamp. You can also simulate a presence when you go on vacation, by turning on your lamps randomly at certain times of the day or evening.  

Add a switch where you need it without any work

Replace your existing switch with the REV-Light and stick the wireless switch where you want it. In a few minutes, you can control your lights the way you want. In case you have a switch that is not properly arranged, simply place a wireless switch near the door. Or, if you want to convert your attic without doing major electrical work, simply add a wireless switch in your new room. 

Simplify your life

Create life scenarios according to your needs from your smartphone to save time. For example, you can create a departure scenario, so that when you leave, all your lamps are turned off. You can control all your lamps at any time and from anywhere. Compatible with Google Home and Alexa, so you can control the scenarios you create with your voice. Just say "Alexa, turn on the lights" when you get home.