Battery-powered optical smoke alarm - 5 years


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Secure your home. In the event of fire, the smoke detector will alert you with its audible signal.

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  • 34233
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- Smoke detection over an area of 25 m² or in a space of 50 m³
- Equipped with TEST button to check the sound level
- Beeps to indicate low battery
- Noise level 85 dB at 3 m
- Power supply: 3 x CR2450 Lithium batteries.

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Avoid the risks

Faulty or overloaded electrical installations, cluttered heat sources, the ignition of an object near a heat source, cigarettes, barbecues, a chimney that has not been swept... You can easily see how a domestic fire can happen quickly.

Adding a smoke detector can not only prevent danger, but also save you and your family.

Quick and easy installation

The smoke detector is battery-powered and requires no additional connection. In a dwelling with more than one storey, there should be at least one smoke detector per floor. The best protection is obtained by placing the detector in the middle of the floor. But even better is to place a detector in each room, close to the stairs, in every room where an electrical appliance is used, for example an electric heater.