Circular design power socket with USB

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Connect your appliances and lights in style.

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  • 49652
 In stock

Thanks to its circular shape, all the plugs are visible and accessible without any hindrance.

- Round design shape
- 5 plugs FR (with ground) 
- 2 USB type A inputs
- Indoor use 
- Color : Grey

Type of plug FR
Type of cable H05VV-F 3x1,5mm2
Length of cable 1,5 m
Power (W) 3680W
Ampereage (A) 16A

Thanks to its round shape, you bring a different design to your home than the classic power strips. You can for example, fix it on the wall in your garage to facilitate the use of your electrical appliances to save space. This way you can work with peace of mind. Moreover, if you choose the model with USB port, you can charge your smartphone or tablet if needed. 

Practical for your children's room, with a design reminiscent of a small pie. You give an extra effect to the decoration of the room.