Stylish mini unit 3 x 16 A with fabric cable White/Black - 1.5 m

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Mini, decorative, practical and safe are the key words of this power strip.

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  • 49744
 In stock

In addition to being decorative, this mini power strip is practical thanks to its flat plug, allowing you to place it wherever you want. Available in two colours and four cable colours.

- Indoor use
- With switch
- Flat plug
- Childproof
- Max. power: 3680 W
- Voltage: 230 V
- Unit colour: White
- Cable colour: Black/White

Warranty 2 years
Use Indoor only
Color White
Type of plug FR
Number of plugs 3x16A
Type of cable H05VV-F 3x1,0mm2
Length of cable 1,5 m
Switch 1x
Flat plug Yes