Digital multimeter

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Check the voltage of the electrical outlet before plugging in your device.

  • 91010
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  • 91010
 In stock

This device is indispensable for measuring electric current. Thanks to its pocket size, it's quite handy when you go abroad.

- 3.5" LCD screen (max. reading 1999)
- Polarity: Automatic polarisation
- Off-scale: maximum reading "1"
- Working environment: temperature. 0-40 °C
- Relative humidity : <75%

Warranty 2 years
Use Indoor only
Color Yellow


It is an essential device for measuring electrical current. As its name indicates, it is multifunctional. The multimeter is indeed a device capable of measuring electrical quantities. It allows you to detect faults, defects or anomalies in an electrical circuit.

The multimeter combines the use of three devices in a single box. This not only saves you time, but also allows you to carry out rapid troubleshooting and obtain concrete results. It allows you to work quickly, efficiently and discreetly. This device protects you from the risks of electrocution. It allows you to have the assurance of working in complete safety.