Wireless indoor motion sensor

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Easily install automatic lighting without wiring thanks to this wireless switch. (switch format)

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  • 54703
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The DiO wireless smart home motion sensor lets you control your life scenarios and your lighting automatically. 

- Detection distance: 1 - 8 m
- Detection angle Horizontally 110° and Vertically 45°.
- Setting the time delay ( 5 s, 1 min, 5 min, 10 min).
- Brightness setting.
- Range 50 m (in free field)
- Compatible with the DiO range
- Two-year guarantee

Warranty 2 years
Use Indoor only
Degree of protection IP20
Autonomy (normal usage) 3 months
Battery 1 - Type AAA 1,5V
Battery 1 - Number 2
Battery 1 - Provided Not included
Type of solution Emetteur
Wireless protocol DiO 1.0
Radio frequency 433,92 MHz by DiO
Number of channels 1
Content 1 interrupteur

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Quick and easy installation

Thanks to RF wireless technology, the signal passes through walls, allowing you to control your lighting from any room in your home.

With the various products in the DiO range, you no longer need to pull cables or undertake major installation or renovation work. In addition, the switch has an adhesive sticker, which allows you to hang it in dark or unlit areas. For example, when you cross the landing at night, the light goes on automatically and off by itself after a few minutes (customisable time delay).


No more bumping into the corners of your furniture at night to go to the bathroom. With this motion sensor switch, you can automatically switch your lights or electrical appliances on or off as soon as it detects a movement.

Connect your switch directly to your DiO 1.0 accessories to control them locally, one by one or centrally. Brightness, lighting duration, and detection angle and distance are all adjustable.