SmartLIGHT - GU10 colour bulb Bluetooth Mesh
  • SmartLIGHT - GU10 colour bulb Bluetooth Mesh
  • SmartLIGHT - GU10 colour bulb Bluetooth Mesh

GU10 LED colour bulb - Bluetooth Mesh

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A smartphone, an application, a Bluetooth connection, and that's all you need. You will be able to control your luminaire, its colour and its brightness.

  • SMLM-C5-GU10
  • SMLM-C5-GU10
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Control your light, as well as its colour and brightness, simply with your smartphone, an application and a Bluetooth connection.

- LED - 5 W
- Lamp holder: GU10
- 16 million colours
- Adjustable brightness
- 70° lighting angle
- Remote control via Bluetooth up to 50 m
- Android and iOS compatible
- Proximity detection
- Timer programming
- AwoX SmartCONTROL application
- Lifetime 20,000 hours
- Energy rating A+
- Connectivity: Bluetooth Mesh

Controllable via your smartphone

Bring colour to your interior or even your doorway with our colourful connected light bulb that can be controlled with your smartphone.

In addition to being able to turn it off or on with your smartphone, you can also adjust the light intensity and change the colour of your lighting to brighten up your interior and at the same time enhance your decoration.

Program your bulb

Your bulb is not only controllable, but also programmable. This means that you can add times within the application at which your light turns on so that you can wake up with a warm light on low intensity and not be dazzled when you wake up.

Bluetooth Mesh

The special feature of Bluetooth Mesh is that it allows you to have a wider range than with a simple Bluetooth connection. Transmission distance up to 50 m

For even more convenience, because a distance of 50 m is quickly reached, you can increase the range of your connection. How? Well, by adding a second bulb. Once the bulbs are installed, they will be able to communicate with each other. They will create a mesh, a sort of communicating chain allowing you to increase the distance of 50 m from one bulb to the next. You can then control your lamp from anywhere in your home. Whether you are on the first or second floor, your ground floor lighting will come on.