Kit of a lighting module and 2 DiO wireless switches (433Mhz / Zigbee / BLE)

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DiO technology makes it possible to place a switch wherever you want, without worrying about electrical cables.

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  • 55858
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Thanks to the recessed lighting module and wireless switch, you can control your light sources remotely without having to pull a cable.

- Function: On/Off

- Maximum module power: 1000W

- Maximum number of transmitters: up to 6 controls

- Transmission distance: 50m (in open field)

- Multiple connectivity: via a DIO switch / via your smartphone using Bluetooth Low Energy / via your Zigbee 3.0 home automation centre

Warranty 2 years
Use Indoor only
Color White
Battery 1 - Type CR2032 3V
Battery 1 - Number 1
Type of control On/Off
Connectivity Bluetooth Low Energy 5.0 / Zigbee 3.0 - 2,4Ghz
Wireless protocol DiO 1.0
Radio frequency 433,92 MHz by DiO
Transmission range 50m
Smartphone control Yes
Content 1 on/off module, 1 wireless switch, 1 CR2032 3V battery



With the DiO remote control / switch: 

- Press the ON / OFF button on your DiO Remote to switch the lighting on / off.

With your smartphone, via DiO One:

- Switch on/off (make sure the module is within Bluetooth range of your smartphone).

- Create a programmable timer: set your lights to switch on or off to the minute.

- Presence simulation: select the length of time you'll be away and the periods during which the lights will be on or off at random to protect your home.

Benefits :

Extremely easy to install, this DiO module combines Bluetooth Low Energy 5.0, Radio Frequency 433 MHz and ZIGBEE 3.0 technologies, allowing you to control your lights instantly and simultaneously with a switch, remote control or your smartphone.