Extension leads

As an electrical equipment specialist for more than 40 years, Chacon is one of the flagship European brands in this field.

From the extension for your raclette machine to the professional worksite reel, and including the garden reel, discover all of Chacon's products.


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Black extension lead 20 m

Don't have a cable that's too taut, thanks to this extension cable.

Extension - black - 10 m (SCH)

These PVC or rubber extensions let you connect your devices safely.

Extension cable 20 m orange - FR plug

The cable of your device is too short... Luckily, you have an extension cord.

Extension cable - black - 10m

The extension cord, the bête noire of short cables.

Extension cable - black - 5m

If the cable is too short, bring your extension cord.

Extension - black - 5m

Connect your household appliances safely thanks to this extension cord.

Extension - black - 20m

Go even further, thanks to this extension cord.

Green extension lead - 20 m

Connect your appliances even further away with this extension cord.