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Videophone with 4.3" Ultra-slim screen - White

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Ideal for monitoring and protecting the entrance to your home

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  • 34844
 In stock

- Full duplex: two-way communication between the indoor and outdoor units
- Hands-free for more convenient communication
- Adjustable brightness, contrast and volume for more comfort
- Touch buttons
- Outdoor camera with night vision
- Battery: 13.5 V DC
- Electric bolt and gate opening function
- Easy to install

Warranty 2 years
Degree of protection IP44
Voltage 13,5V
Connection Wired, 2 wires
Type of supply Adapter
Remote access Door + Gate
Night Vision Yes
Number of melodies 10
Screen size LCD 4,3 (10


Quality of comfort

Thanks to its various features, the videophone offers optimal quality of comfort.

You can adjust the volume and the screen brightness and contrast. In addition, with its touch-sensitive keys, the device is smooth and easy to use.

Stylish and elegant

The thin screen and touch-sensitive keys give it an elegant and stylish look.

Because it is white and very thin, you can hang it wherever you want. Discreet, it will blend in perfectly with your interior design.

Easy to install

Fast and easy, with two-wire wiring you can install it in no time.