Wired 4.3" white videophone

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See who is at the door from your living room.

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Give yourself extra security in no time at all thanks to this quality videophone system with its sleek and elegant design.

- 4.3'' colour screen
- Lets you control an electric bolt and a gate.
- Adjustable brightness, contrast and volume
- Built-in microphone and speaker
- Backlit name plate
- Outdoor camera with night vision
- View angle: 71°
- Full-duplex link: simultaneous two-way communication

Use Indoor or Outdoor
Degree of protection IP44
Voltage 13,5V
Connection Wired, 4 wires
Type of supply Adapter
Resolution 640x480
Night Vision Yes
Number of melodies 5
Screen size LCD 4,3 (10


Secure the entrance to your house

The 4.3-inch high-resolution screen makes it easy for you to view images whilst remaining discreet against your interior decor. Thanks to the camera and screen of this video gatekeeper system, you can easily see your visitors and communicate with them. Never again open the door without seeing who is visiting, and protect the access to your home.

The camera angle is a wide 71°, for a panoramic view of your doorway.

Easy to install

Its four-wire connection can replace your old video intercom system very easily.

In addition, you can connect a door opener (12 V) or gate opener to it (dry contact). This means that you can open the door and/or gate for your visitors directly from your living room.

Continuous surveillance

The gatekeeper's Surveillance function lets you see who is going past your front door at any time, even if they do not ring your doorbell. You can also add a second camera, which will be associated with your videophone so that your field of vision is wider.