DiO multi apartment videophone with 4.3" screen


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2-wire videophone to welcome visitors ringing at your door!

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- View who is ringing at your entrance via the indoor monitor
- Remote bolt and gate opening (wired installation with 12V electric lock or dry contact) 
- 4.3'' touch screen display
- Screen resolution 480x272 pixels
- Sober and elegant design
- Wall mounting
- Outdoor unit with weather visor and name tag 
- Easy to install wired connection
- Possibility to associate up to 4 monitors

Compatible with the multi apartment videophone range:

- DIOVDP-MS01 (7'' touch screen)
- DIOVDP-MC02/03/04 (Outdoor unit 2/3/4 buttons)


Secure the entrance to your home

Monitoring access to your home has never been easier. Thanks to the DIOVDP-MKT02 multi apartment video phone kit composed of a 4.3'' screen (DIOVDP-MS02) and an outdoor unit (DIOVDP-MC01), you can control the comings and goings in your home. 

Moreover, it is compatible with the multi-apartment videophone range. If you wish, you can add up to 4 monitors for optimal comfort and security in your home.

This product is also compatible with the 7'' touch screen with touch buttons (DIOVDP-MS01) as well as with 2/3/4 button outdoor units (DIOVDP-MC02/03/04).
This multi-apartment concept facilitates the management of the dwellings in the same building. Each inhabitant can thus control his visits in complete safety. This product is ideal for small buildings.

A simple installation

Wired installation is quick and easy: you just need to connect two wires. This videophone allows you, from your living room, to open the door (12V) or the gate (dry contact). 

Its elegant and sleek design allows you to install it, discreetly, anywhere in your home. Moreover, thanks to its weather protection visor, you can place the outdoor unit wherever you want. 

Surveillance function

Its camera brings you a clear and sharp (90°) vision of your visitors. This way, you can keep an eye on your front door, day and night.