Wired 7" white videophone


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View and communicate with the person who comes to your door

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  • 34808
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Thanks to its 2-wire connection, you can replace your old videophone model in a few minutes and without any additional help.

- 7'' colour screen with simple, stylish design.
- Adjustable volume, contrast, and brightness.
- Built-in microphone and speaker
- Lets you control an electric bolt and a gate.
- Outdoor unit with night vision
- Ability to add a surveillance camera
- Full-duplex link: simultaneous two-way communication
- Wired installation: 2-wire
- View angle: 92°
- Choice of 10 tunes
- Aluminium external unit supplied with mounting bracket and rain shield
- Works with 13.5-V 0.8-A adapter (incl.).
- Protection rating: IP44
- Two-year guarantee


Secure the entrance to your house

Thanks to this videophone, you can identify the person ringing your doorbell and open it without fear, day or night. This device allows you to better protect your home.

The 7" high-resolution screen gives you a high-quality image. The (outdoor) camera has a 92° angle of view, giving you a clear, panoramic view of your entrance.

Easy to install

Thanks to our videophone, you can open the door (12 V) or the gate (dry contact) to your guests from your living room without having to move. The changeover is very quick, since only two wires need to be connected.

The elegant black design allows you to insert it wherever you want while remaining discreet.

Surveillance mode

A suspicious noise coming from outside and you want to observe without fear of being seen? Thanks to our videophone, you can do this. The surveillance function allows you to watch what is happening near your front door, with a 92° angle of view, day or night.

To increase your field of vision, you can add a second camera, which will be associated with your videophone.