Optical smoke alarm with 9 V alkaline battery - 1 year

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Secure your home and loved ones against fire hazards.

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  • 34260
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- Noise level 85 dB at 3 m
- Smoke detection over an area of 25 m² or in a space of 50 m³
- Indoor use
- Beeps to indicate low battery
- Colour: White
- 6LR61 - 9-V battery supplied
- Test button

Warranty 5 years
Type of supply Battery(s)
Use Indoor only
Battery 1 - Type Alcaline 9V
Battery 1 - Number 1
Battery 1 - Provided Included
Autonomy (normal usage) 12 months
Low battery indicator Yes
Volume 85dB
Test button Yes

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Increase your security

The installation of smoke detectors is essential. The optical smoke detector warns you in the event of a fire outbreak. It works automatically as soon as you insert the battery.

If it detects the slightest trace of smoke, a loud alarm (85 dB at 3 m) warns you of the danger. As soon as the air is clean again, the noise will cease immediately.

Ideal for all homes

This detector is effective over an area of 25 m² or in a space of 50 m³. It has a test button that allows you to check that the siren is still operational.

If the battery is low, it will also beep regularly to warn you to change the power supply battery.