Set of 2 interconnected smoke detectors with 3V lithium battery - 5 years

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Protect your home against the risk of fire!

  • 34150
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  • 34150
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The 34150 domestic photoelectric interconnected smoke detector detects a fire by detecting smoke. When the smoke in the room reaches a certain concentration, the detector will send out an audible and visual alarm. This smoke detector is suitable for residential homes.


- Detection via a single light source, with no false alarms due to dust, insects or moisture

- Professional labyrinth design, quick sense of fire

- Up to 24 devices can be interconnected

- Discreet, designer flame-retardant plastic casing with glossy surface treatment

- Removable cover design for cleaning

- Installation: ceiling mounting (with screws or 3M adhesive supplied)


Each 34150 alarm incorporates an RF module that allows you to connect two or more identical alarms to create an interconnected network. When one alarm is triggered, all alarms interconnected to the local network are triggered at the same time.

Warranty 10 years
Use Indoor only
Autonomy (normal usage) 5 years
Color White
Type of supply Battery(s)
Battery 1 - Type CR123A Lithium
Battery 1 - Number 1
Battery 1 - Provided Included
Low battery indicator Yes
Radio frequency 868 MHz
Test button Yes
Volume 85dB


Advantages of interconnected smoke detectors : 

- Chain reaction: When one detector detects smoke, all the interconnected detectors in the network are triggered simultaneously.

- Extended coverage: interconnected detectors provide more effective coverage of your entire home.  So even if a fire breaks out in a remote area, all the detectors will be alerted.

- Wireless interconnection: our wireless smoke detectors communicate via radio frequency signals. Each detector transmits and receives signals from the other detectors. They are more flexible to install because they do not require physical wiring.


A network of interconnected smoke detectors is therefore the best way to ensure fire safety in your home. It guarantees rapid, effective detection in the event of a fire, protecting you and your family.