Plug-in waterproof socket


Including €0.05 for ecotax

Control your lighting or outdoor electrical appliances remotely.

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  • 54746
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- On/Off function
- 50 m range (free field)
- 3500 W socket
- IP44: Protection against solid bodies and water splashes
- Compatible with the DiO Connected Home range
- Two-year guarantee

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The various products in the DiO range will help you to carry out your installation or renovation work very easily, without having to pull cables. Thanks to RF wireless technology, the signal passes through walls, so you can control your lighting from any room in your home

It can be controlled by one or more different transmitters (up to 6).

Flexibility and Evolution

All the products in this new range are 100% compatible, so you can compose your own system, modulate it and make it evolve according to your needs!