CO2 detector with LCD display

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Protect your family from CO2 poisoning.

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  • 34272
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Be alerted immediately if there is an abnormal change in the air in your home.

- Battery: DC 5V1A Micro-USB connection
- Battery capacity: 2000mAh
- Battery operating time: 12 hours
- Product lifetime : 10 years
- CO2 measurement range: 400 ~ 5000ppm
- CO2 measurement accuracy: 1ppm
- CO2 measurement tolerance: ±50ppm + ±5%
- Temperature measurement range: 0 ~ 65
- Temperature measuring range: 0 ~ 65℃
- Temperature measurement tolerance: ±1℃
- Humidity measuring range: 0 ~ 100%RH
- Humidity measurement tolerance: ±5%RH
- Button type: Touch button
- Display type: LED

Note: Elderly people and those at risk (diabetics, thrombosis risks...) may be more vulnerable to the Co2.

Warranty 2 years
Use Indoor only
Color White/Black
Type of supply Adapter/Battery(s)
Battery 2 - Type 3.7V lithium
Volume 80dB


What is carbon dioxide?

Not to be confused with carbon monoxide (CO), CO2 is produced by the human body and is found in the air when we exhale. CO2 is a colourless, odourless gas that humans cannot detect, so having a CO2 meter is useful in offices, schools, homes where many people are present together. The CO2 meter tells you when you need to ventilate a room.

Take care of your health

Co2 can be harmful to humans as it reduces the oxygen content of the air. If it is in an open or flat area, CO2 will disperse quickly, even without the help of wind. But above a certain concentration in the air, it can be dangerous or even fatal to humans. With our Co2 detector, you can see in real time the level of Co2 in the room, but also the temperature and the humidity level. A complete product that will improve your air quality as if you were in the country.

A complete product!

Did you know that the ideal humidity level in a house is between 40 and 70%? And that the perfect temperature is around 19° for living rooms? 

With our CO2 sensor, which also measures the humidity and temperature of a room, you can adapt and improve the air quality in your home. And yes, you don't just have to air out your home to improve its air quality. 

Poor humidity, too much heat or too little temperature can be bad for your health. If the humidity level is higher than 70%, it can lead to asthma, allergies, shortness of breath... It's time to take care of yourself! Get our Co2 detector now and improve your quality of life.