CO + Smoke Detector Pack

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Protect your family from CO poisoning or smoke poisoning.

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  • 34148
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Be alerted immediately to abnormal air changes or smoke spread in your home.

Co. detector:

- Gas detected: carbon monoxide 
- Battery: 3xAA LR6 (capacity: 2 years) 
- Low battery warning
- Volume: 85dB (3m from device)
- Display concentration range: 10-550PPM 
- Power indicator: Flashes approximately every 45 seconds
- Product Lifetime: 10 years

Smoke detector:

- Sound level 85dB at 3m
- Smoke detected in 25m2 (area) or 50m3 (space)
- Indoor use
- Audible signal to indicate low battery
- Battery 6LR61 - 9V supplied (capacity: 1 year)
- Test button
- Product life span : 10 years

Use Indoor only
Color White
Type of supply Battery(s)
Battery 1 - Type Alcaline 9V
Battery 1 - Number 1
Battery 1 - Provided Included
Battery 2 - Type AA 1,5V
Battery 2 - Number 3
Battery 2 - Provided Included
Test button Yes
Volume 85dB


Avoid fire risks

Faulty or overloaded electrical installations, cluttered heat sources, ignition of an object near a heat source, cigarettes, barbecues, unswept chimneys... In short, you will have understood that an accident can happen quickly.

Thanks to this pack with monoxide and smoke detector, you can prevent the danger but also save yourself and your family.

Take care of your health

CO poisoning is one of the leading causes of death in many countries. CO is an odorless and colorless gas that is created during incomplete combustion of gas (natural gas, butane or propane), coal, oil or wood. Heating and hot water appliances can also be possible sources of CO in a house.

With this CO detector, you can protect your family's health and at the same time maintain ideal air quality in your home.

Where to place it?

  1. Carbon monoxide detector: Place the detector as close as possible to the bedrooms and make sure that the alarm is audible when the rooms are occupied. If your home has multiple floors, install at least one detector on each floor for minimum protection.

    NOTE: For maximum protection, it is recommended that a detector be installed in or near each room containing a combustion appliance (gas fireplace, central heating boiler, furnace, water heater, cooker, grill, etc.).

  2. Smoke detector: Always mount a smoke detector above the ceiling. Usually in the middle of the ceiling and at least 30 cm from the corner. This way the smoke detector can quickly detect the smoke.

Quick and easy installation

  1. Carbon monoxide detector: battery-operated, it requires no wiring. It can be mounted on a wall using the fixings provided or simply placed on a table or cabinet.

  2. Smoke detector: effective in an area of 25 m² or in a space of 50 m³. It is equipped with a test button that allows you to check that the sound signal is still operational. If the battery is low, it will also beep regularly to warn you to change the battery.