Set of 2 mechanical timers - FR sockets


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Secure your home by simulating a presence by automatically turning your appliances and lights on and off at programmed times.
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Save money and time with this mechanical programmer.

- The operating hours can easily be selected by depressing the sliders.
- An override switch on the side activates the timer.
- 1 to 24 on-off cycles per day
- Max. power: 3500 W
- Indoor use
- 30-minute segment
Warranty 2 years
Colour White
Power (W) 3500 W
Socket type FR
Number of programmes 24 on/off
Power supply type Mains
Use Inside only

Manuels d'utilisation

Save time

Anyone can forget to turn off a light or accidentally leave an appliance plugged in. It only takes a moment when you're feeling tired. Unfortunately, devices that are left plugged in consume energy even when they are on standby. To avoid wasting money by just throwing it out the window, you can install this mechanical timer that will automatically turn your appliances on or off at the appropriate time.

This will save you time, but also improve your comfort. You can wake up to the smell of coffee or a warm bathroom heated by your electric heater.

Increase your security

No need for great technology or to use your smartphone to turn your devices and lights on and off automatically. With this small gadget, you can not only improve your comfort, but also secure your home during your absence.

Using the buttons and the scroll wheel, you can program schedules so that, for example, your lights are switched on during the day in different rooms and then switched off at the usual bedtime, as if you were present.