Chacon wired Wi-Fi videophone

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A two-wire Wi-Fi videophone to greet visitors who ring your doorbell! 

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  • 34895
 In stock

- Visualise who is ringing at your entrance via the indoor monitor or your smartphone with a superior quality image

- Answer video calls directly on your monitor or remotely on your smartphone 

- Remote opening of strikes and gates (wired installation with a 12V electric lock or dry contact) 

- Option for your visitor to leave a message in case of absence

- Record photos of each visit on the monitor's internal memory

- This product is standalone and therefore not compatible with the DiO 1.0 ecosystem.

Degree of protection IP65
Connection Wired, 2 wires
Type of supply Adapter
Connectivity Wi-Fi
Mobile app Guarding vision
Resolution 1920x1080p
Night Vision Yes
Screen size LCD 7 (17


A complete system

This new 2-wire Wi-Fi videophone will bring comfort and security to your home.

Its design far exceeds any other video phone on the market. With its sleek, stylish finish, you won't be disappointed.

High quality for day and night surveillance

The external unit is made of metal for optimum protection. Its camera, with its HD resolution, 144° viewing angle and night vision, gives you a clear, high-quality image of your visitors, day and night. You'll never miss another detail! 

The videophone protects your access

You can even talk to your visitors in complete peace of mind, without having to go anywhere, from your smartphone via its app or via your 7" indoor monitor. 

This videophone is perfect for controlling access to your home wherever you are. It also lets you open the door (12V) or gate (dry contact).

You can mount this videophone as a surface-mounted or flush-mounted unit. It comes with a protective visor for extra protection. 

Depending on the settings, if you are away, you can give your visitor the option of leaving a voice or video message. A photograph is taken of each visitor and you receive a notification inviting you to respond via the application. 

The Guarding vision application is available free of charge from the Apple Store and Google Play Store.