Wi-Fi DiO videophone 100% wireless

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The ultra-easy to install connected intercom to view, answer, open the door for your visitors, and interact with your house via smartphone

  • DIOVDP-B02
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  • DIOVDP-B02
 In stock

The first 100% wireless videophone that lets you open the door directly from your smartphone, thanks to its integration with DiO 1.0 home automation.

- View and answer your visitors remotely, day or night.
- Easy installation, 100% wireless via the free DiO One app
- High-performance battery : 3-month battery life with average usage of 10 times a day
- Can also be installed as a wired connection without the battery (accessories supplied)
- Secure your entrance with detection, notification, and viewing of all movements.
- Weather protection: IP54
- Compatible with the DIOVDP-SC01 screen.

Type of supply Adapter
Connectivity Wi-Fi
Radio frequency 433,92 MHz by DiO
Transmission range 50m
Number of channels 4
Mobile app DiO one
Recording Yes
Recording media SD card
Storage capacity (GB) max 128Go
Resolution 1280x720p
Night Vision Yes, 10m
Motion detector Yes
Size Outdoor unit 58x26x130 mm


A complete system

The DiO One videophone is the first 100% wireless videophone on the market that lets you interact with your home.

Thanks to its compatibility with all of the DiO 1.0 accessories, you can pair it with all DiO receivers for maximum convenience.

For example, you can connect it to the DiO 1.0 wireless gate/electric bolt module to open up for a delivery, cleaning personnel, or the children arriving home from school, via the DiO One app.
By pairing it with DiO 1.0 modules and wireless sockets, you can even simulate a presence when a visitor rings the doorbell. For example, by lighting a lamp upstairs, closing the roller shutter, or switching on the radio connected to the DiO 1.0 socket.

The DiO One videophone protects your entrances.

With an understated and elegant design that blends easily with any type of exterior, the DiO One videophone is the ideal device to give you peace of mind when you are away from home. It secures your habitat and notifies you at any time when visitors come to your door, via its HD camera and DiO One application (available for free on iOS and Android), so that you can see them and greet them.

Equipped with motion detection, the DiO One videophone can record and store on a micro SD card (not supplied), able to go up to 128 GB, a photo of your visitors, even if they did not ring the doorbell.

You always know who came to see you when you were away.

High quality to keep an eye on things, day and night

High quality to keep an eye on things, day and night

Installed in just a few minutes

Thanks to its built-in 6000-mAh battery, the DiO videophone does not need any wires (wired version available), you can simply connect it to your Wi-Fi in two clicks and attach it anywhere in front of your door or near your gate (note: the Wi-Fi network must be accessible).

Installation and pairing of DiO accessories are also extremely easy, requiring no rewiring or any change to the electrical system. For example, simply install a DiO socket between your wall socket and your lamp, and pair it with your videophone in two clicks. Or install the DiO gate module on the motor of your gate or garage door and pair it with your videophone in two clicks (pairing button on the module and press the videophone app interface button).

In a few minutes, you can guarantee your own peace of mind, thanks to the app, which notifies the user when it's time to charge the videophone and gives an indication of the remaining battery power in terms of number of days.