1080-P rotating Wi-Fi camera with private mode
  • 1080-P rotating Wi-Fi camera with private mode
  • 1080-P rotating Wi-Fi camera with private mode
  • 1080-P rotating Wi-Fi camera with private mode

Indoor rotating Wi-Fi camera with private mode -1280 x 1080 p

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View your home wherever you are while maintaining your privacy

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 In stock

Keep your home secure while protecting your privacy. Using its geofencing function, the camera automatically goes into stand-by mode when you enter your home.

- Wide-angle camera thanks to the motorised lens
- Privacy protection via geolocalisation: your camera automatically switches to standby mode when the owner is present, and the lens shuts to guarantee maximum peace of mind
- Motion detector and sound detector are adjustable to three levels
- Microphone and intercom function (speaking and listening)

Smartphone control Yes
Mobile app DiO Cam+
iOS compatibility Yes, iOS 8.0 and above
Android compatibility Yes, Android 4.1 and higher
Recording Yes
Recording media Micro-SD card
Storage capacity (GB) max 128Go
Listen&Talk function Yes
Microphone Yes
Type of camera Indoor camera
Angle de rotation verticale 150°
Angle de rotation horizontale 350°
Night Vision Yes, 10m
Motion detector Yes
Privacy function Yes


Protect your privacy the smart way

With its geofencing mode, the camera automatically goes into privacy mode when you arrive home. Because the camera lens is concealed, you don’t have the feeling of being watched or that anyone can see you. Get the most out of your home and your privacy.

You can also put your camera on stand-by manually at any time through your app or create a schedule, to avoid filming the rest of the family.

Monitoring the smallest nooks and crannies

With its motorised lens, this DiO surveillance camera lets you view every nook and cranny inside your house. Using your smartphone, you can easily adjust the angle of vision: up to 350° horizontally and 150° vertically.

With its high-resolution technology (1280x1080p), you can see every detail, both day and night, thanks to its night vision capability.

In addition, its simple, stylish design makes it blend in discreetly in any room: on a wall, on a ceiling, or in your library. All the necessary fittings are provided with the camera.

View and record remotely

View and record remotely

No technical knowledge required

No technical, technological or computing knowledge necessary, either to install or to use the DiO Cam+ app.

You can connect your camera to your smartphone in only ten minutes directly from your mobile app, and that’s all there is to it!

1- Connect the camera to the power supply,
2- Download the DiO Cam+ application,
3- Install the camera in just a few seconds via the app.

Are there several people in your family? No problem. It’s really simple to share your devices with your family or friends and they will also be able to view the images.

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