Rotating dummy camera with motion sensor and blue LED

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A dummy camera that looks just like the real thing. Keep your home or business secure easily and at low cost.

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  • 34447
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- Indoor and outdoor use (IP66)
- Ideal for day use
- Possibility of using during the night (additional lighting required)
- Blinking blue LED (frequency: 5 sec.)
- Rotating head
- Motion detector integrated
- Detection distance: 7 to 8M

Warranty 2 years
Use Indoor or Outdoor
Color Alu
Connection Wireless
Type of supply Battery(s)
Battery 1 - Type AA 1,5V
Battery 1 - Number 2
Battery 1 - Provided Not included
Motion detector Yes
Mounting Mural


For more security at a lower cost

The installation of several cameras to protect your house, your apartment or your business can quickly climb in terms of price. With our dummy solutions, we allow you to improve your security at a lower cost. Indeed, even if these will not bring you the efficiency that real cameras could bring you, they will undoubtedly help you to dissuade a large number of people a little too curious.

Integrated motion detection

More than a simple dummy camera, this one is equipped with a motion detector and a motor to move the camera as soon as a movement is captured. The more your dummy camera will have the capabilities of a real one, the more the criminals will doubt. In one fell swoop, you'll be able to thwart bad intentions. And all this without breaking the bank!

Blue LED

Did you know that most of the dummy cameras available on the market are equipped with a red LED or are exempt from it? Burglars are well aware of this! That's why all of our dummy cameras have a blue LED in order to confuse the real ones from the fake ones. In this way, one could believe that the cameras are in full recording session.