Cable reel, 10 m - cassette (SCH)


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Vacuuming has never been so easy; no more need to keep unplugging your vacuum cleaner and then plug it in again in each new room.

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  • 89105
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With this reel, you can connect one or more appliances at the same time. This reel is for domestic use only.

- Indoor use
- Cable length: 10 m
- Cord type HO5W-F 3 x 1.0 mm2
- Maximum power: 2300 W (cable fully unwound)
- Maximum power: 900 W (partially unwound cable)
- Number of sockets: 4 x 16 A
- Socket type: SCH
- Voltage: 250 V(ac)
- Automatic shut-off in case of overheating

Warranty 2 years
Cable length 10 m
Number of sockets 4 x 16 A
Colour Black/Grey
Cable type H05 VV-F 3x1.0 mm2
Socket type SCH
Use Inside only