Digital timer - FR socket

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Save energy and money by automatically turning off your devices rather than leaving them on standby when they are not being used.

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  • 54021
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Program your electrical appliances and lighting fixtures to the minute.

- 140 programs by day, group of days, weekend or every day.
- Random trigger function.
- Countdown function.
- Programme backup in case of power failure (battery incl.)
- Max. power: 2000 W
- Time setting interval: 1 minute

Warranty 2 years
Use Indoor only
Color White
Type of plug FR
Power (W) 2000W
Type of supply Plug
Number of programs 140 on/off

Manuels d'utilisation


Cost reduction

Program the switching on and off of your electrical appliances and lighting fixtures to the minute. This digital timer allows you to set your coffee maker, electric heater or light before you wake up. In addition to saving time, it also saves you energy and money. Your standby devices will automatically shut down from the preset time.

Reinforced security

This digital programmer allows you to create your weekly schedule, so that when you come home from work, some of your daily tasks are already done. The washing machine is running, your coffee is hot, the light is on...

You can also create a presence simulation during your absences by programming your lighting to turn on and off at different times.

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